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Traditional Fishing in Hokkaido: Immersing in the Local Fishing Culture

The Beautiful Tradition of Fishing in Hokkaido

Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, is home to a rich fishing culture. Here, fishing is not just a way of making a living but a way of life. The region boasts a wide variety of fish species, including salmon, trout, and crabs. But what sets the local fishing industry apart from others is the emphasis on traditional techniques and practices.

The Art of “Ippon-zuri”

One such traditional technique is “ippon-zuri,” the art of fishing with a single hook. This method is used to catch salmon in the region’s rivers. Ippon-zuri requires a certain level of skill and experience, as it involves manipulating the bait in a way that mimics the natural movement of a fish. It takes patience and concentration to wait for the perfect moment to reel in the catch.

The Practice of “Ho-ro-ge-i”

Another traditional practice is “ho-ro-ge-i,” which involves fishing for squid at night using a lure made of wood and bamboo. This technique is said to have originated in the Edo period, and has been passed down from generation to generation. The practice requires a keen eye and quick reflexes, as the squid can be difficult to catch. However, once caught, it can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, from sashimi to tempura.

Immerse Yourself in the Local Fishing Culture

For those interested in trying out traditional fishing techniques, there are many opportunities to do so in Hokkaido. Local fishing tours offer the chance to experience the beauty of the region’s rivers and oceans while also learning about the fishing practices that have sustained the local community for centuries. Some tours even allow you to catch your own fish and cook it on the spot. In conclusion, traditional fishing is a significant part of the culture of Hokkaido. Whether you are a seasoned fisherman or a first-time visitor, experiencing the local fishing practices is a must-do activity. So, pack your bags, book a tour, and get ready for an unforgettable experience!
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