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The Mysteries of Lake Tazawa: Exploring the secrets and legends behind Japan’s deepest lake

The Legend of Princess Tatsuko

Lake Tazawa in the Akita Prefecture of Japan is shrouded in mystery and legends, one such legend centers on Princess Tatsuko who became a beautiful dragon. The story goes that Tatsuko was a young princess who prayed to the gods to grant her beauty that would rival the moon, and her wish was granted. However, her vanity led to her downfall as the gods turned her into a dragon. She plunged into the lake and was never seen again.

Exploring the Deepest Lake of Japan

Lake Tazawa is the deepest lake in Japan, with a depth of 423 meters. It is a popular tourist spot for its picturesque views, hot springs, and hiking trails. The lake is also famous for its unique blue color, which is attributed to its high level of clarity and lack of pollutants.

Local Beliefs and Traditions

The region surrounding Lake Tazawa is steeped in ancient beliefs and traditions. The local folklore is filled with stories of supernatural beings, with the most famous being the Namahage. This is a New Year’s Eve tradition where men wearing ogre-like masks and straw coats go from house to house scaring children and admonishing them to be obedient to their parents.

The Enigma of the Bottomless Pit

Another mystery associated with Lake Tazawa is the Bottomless Pit, located in the middle of the lake. The pit has never been fully explored due to the lack of natural light and extreme water pressure. Despite decades of attempts, no one has been able to reach the bottom of the pit, leading to speculation that it might be a gateway to the underworld.


Lake Tazawa is a fascinating destination that draws tourists from all over the world. Its unique natural beauty, combined with its rich cultural heritage, and mysterious legends make it a must-see location for anyone visiting Japan.
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