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Contemporary Art in Sapporo: Discovering Modern Art Exhibitions and Installations in the City


Sapporo, located in the northern region of Japan, is not only a popular tourist destination for its winter sports and beautiful landscapes, but also for its rich cultural offerings. In recent years, Sapporo has become a hub for contemporary art exhibitions and installations, showcasing the works of local and international artists.

Odori Park

Odori Park, located in the heart of Sapporo, is home to various outdoor art installations that change throughout the year. One of the most popular installations is the Sapporo Snow Festival, held annually in February, which features stunning snow and ice sculptures. Additionally, visitors can enjoy various art exhibits housed in the Sapporo TV Tower, located within the park.

Sapporo Art Park

The Sapporo Art Park, located on the outskirts of the city, offers a unique experience for art enthusiasts. The park itself is a beautiful natural setting, with various art pieces scattered throughout. Visitors can also enjoy exhibitions in the indoor galleries, which feature various types of contemporary art, including paintings, sculptures, and multimedia installations.

Moerenuma Park

Moerenuma Park, designed by world-renowned artist Isamu Noguchi, offers visitors a unique combination of art and nature. The park features several large-scale outdoor installations, including a glass pyramid and a sculptural playground. Inside the park’s visitors center, visitors can enjoy a collection of Noguchi’s artworks, as well as temporary exhibits showcasing the works of other artists.


Sapporo offers a wealth of contemporary art experiences for visitors of all interests. Whether you’re interested in outdoor installations, indoor galleries, or a combination of both, the city’s offerings are sure to impress. Plan a visit to Sapporo to discover the city’s rich cultural scene and experience the best in contemporary art.
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