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A Nostalgic Journey Aboard the Aomori Tsugaru Railway

The Scenic Route

Take a step back in time and enjoy a ride on the legendary Aomori Tsugaru Railway. This historic train has been offering travelers breathtaking views of the stunning Aomori landscape since 1941, making it a must-do for visitors to the region.

Features of the Train

The Aomori Tsugaru Railway is a diesel locomotive that runs on a narrow gauge railway. The train has both open and closed-air carriages, allowing passengers to enjoy an immersive viewing experience regardless of the weather. One of the most iconic features of the Aomori Tsugaru Railway is its Toreiyu hot spring footbath on board. The footbath uses the naturally heated spring water to soak your feet while traveling through the beautiful Tsugaru region. It’s the perfect way to relax and take in the stunning scenery.

The Route

The train journey covers a distance of 77 kilometers, starting from Tsugaru Goshogawara Station in western Aomori. The route passes through the beautiful Tsugaru plains, weaving in and out of forests, across bridges and through tunnels. One of the highlights of the journey is the view of Mount Iwaki, often referred to as the “Tsugaru Fuji” due to its similarity to Mount Fuji. Passengers will also have the opportunity to visit the local Tsugaru Railway Heritage Center, where they can learn more about the history of the railway.


The Aomori Tsugaru Railway is a beautiful way to explore the scenic Aomori region and offers a unique way to experience the beauty of Japan. Anyone who loves trains or appreciates picturesque landscapes will fall in love with this journey. Don’t miss out on your chance to experience it for yourself!
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