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Shirakami Sanchi’s virgin forest.

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Shirakami Sanchi: Beech Forest Transcending Time

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shirakami1 :Shirakami Sanchi, UNESCO Natural Heritage Site registered in 1993.

Travel back in time to untouched nature at Japan's first UNESCO Natural Heritage Site

Lying across northwest Akita and southwest Aomori Prefectures, is Shirakami Sanchi - is an expansive mountain range accented with steep waterfalls, interlocking deep gorges, and a virgin beech forest, that became Japan’s first UNESCO Natural Heritage Site in 1993.

A walk through its lush foliage is like entering a wondrous forest museum, unchanged by time. After all, only within these pristine woodlands can you get a rare glimpse of over 500 precious plant species and endangered animals, including the Japanese serow, golden eagle, and black woodpecker.

shirakami2 :The breathtaking view from Futatsumori

shirakami3 :Stand next to beech trees that are centuries old!

Though continental glaciation destroyed most of the world’s beech forests, the lack of such devastation in Japan, as well as the Japanese beech’s suppleness and resistance to heavy snowfall has preserved Shirakami Sanchi through the ages.

Many hiking trails offer fun exploration options for first-timers and experienced hikers.

shirakami5: shirakami5: One of the majestic Anmon Falls’ three drops.

A cool trek under the shade of these towering beech trees in the summer months is the best way to explore this wonderland. For a short leisurely stroll, the popular 3 km hike along the gushing Iwaki River to Anmon Falls, a dynamic three-tier waterfall with each precipitous drop higher and more breathtaking than the previous, can be completed in just over an hour.

Or for a more strenuous sampling of the region’s landmarks, an 8-hour rugged climb to the highest peak, Mt. Shirakamidake, begins at Aoike Pond, whose mysterious blue and green hues change throughout the day.

Be sure to stop by Aoike Pond (“Blue Pond”), one of this sites most popular attractions!


3h 30min from Tokyo via Shin-Aomori Staition (JR Tohoku Shinkansen Line) to Hirosaki Station by JR Ou Main Line.Take a 55-min bus ride to the Shirakami Sanchi Visitor Center.

Photo Credit: Shirakami Sanchi Visitor Center, JNTO

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Shirakami Sanchi’s virgin forest.