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6Gourmet’s Paradise Tohoku

A route for appreciating a wide variety of Japanese sake, wine, and fruits in each season. Special products of the Tohoku region will surely satisfy gourmets from around the world.

CUrakasumi sake brewery SAURA / Shiogama City, Miyagi

You can enjoy monthly sake at the counter.
※ If you purchase an Urakasumi original sake cup (At Urakasumi brewery, visitors cannot observe the brewing process.)

  • ATakato Soba / Shimogo Town, Fukushima

    Takato Soba is served with a long Welsh onion, which you nibble while eating the soba. Also served with tasty dashi sauce and grated daikon radish, it is well known as the specialty food of Shimogo Town.

  • BGyuutan (Ox tongue) / Sendai City, Miyagi

    Deep flavors and charm which can only be enjoyed at the source.

  • DKanran-tei / Matsushima Town, Miyagi

    Historic architecture perfect for enjoying moon-viewing.

  • ESushi / shiogama City, Miyagi

    Enjoying high-end sushi in a competitive sushi bar district.

  • FIchinokura sake brewery / Osaki City, Miyagi

    This Japanese sake brewery is representative of Tohoku, and traditional brewing methods can be observed here. After the tour, enjoy a tasting of Ichinokura’s sake.

  • GSpiritual cuisine / Tsuruoka City, Yamagata

    Traditional vegetarian dishes.

  • HTakahata Winery / Takahata Town, Yamagata

    Enjoy making wine with Takahata-grown grapes, a tour of grounds, and wine tastings. Local specialty products are also available for purchase here.