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5Time Travel to the Past

A tour that takes you to the past days in Tohoku, to the sites of historic events, old residential areas, and production centers of traditional arts and crafts.

AEsashi-Fujiwara Heritage Park / Oshu City, Iwate

This is a theme park where you can experience the history and culture of Tohoku of about 1000 years ago. It is also used frequently for the filming of historic dramas, and you can have the experience of wearing the costumes from that time.

  • BMotsuji Temple Zazen experience / Hiraizumi Town, Iwate

    Take up the challenge of the Buddhist practice to calm the waves of emotion and to unify the spirit.

  • CIWACHU tekkikan (cast iron museum) / Morioka City, Iwate

    The much loved solid taste and warmth conveyed by the use of nanbu ironware.

  • DMorioka Wanko Soba / Morioka City, Iwate

    How many bowls of bite-sized soba noodles can you eat? Famous specialties full of playfulness.

  • ETsugaru Traditional Crafts Center / Tsugaru Kokeshi Doll Museum / Kuroishi City, Aomori

    See, touch and experience the traditional crafts of Tsugaru.

  • FNamahage Museum / Oga City, Akita

    The highlight is the appearance of a line-up of 100 figures of "namahage" of the local traditional performing art. You can also experience being transformed.

  • GAkita City Folklore and Performing Arts Center / Akita City, Akita

    You can experience the long poles that resemble ears of rice that have lanterns hanging from them, known as "kanto". These are used to pray for a plentiful harvest.

  • HMototakifukuryusui (underflow water) / Nikaho City, Akita

    A mysterious waterfall where groundwater is gushing from the mossy rocks.