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5Time Travel to the Past

A tour that takes you to the past days in Tohoku, to the sites of historic events, old residential areas, and production centers of traditional arts and crafts.

HAoyagike (Kakunodate Old samurai residences) / Semboku City, Akita

Feel the history of this former estate for the elite samurai class through 30,000 historical articles available to peruse and the rich, decadent gardens.

  • ATono Japan culture Experience / Tono City, Iwate

    The birthplace of the mythical, supernatural kappa spirit from Japanese folklore, said to play tricks on people and surprise them near this riverside.

  • BTono furusato village / Tono City, Iwate

    An authentic reproduction and open-air museum of an old-fashioned mountain village.

  • CIwachu tekki (Ironware) museum / Morioka City, Iwate

    A theme park for enjoying traditional ironware crafts.

  • DTowada Lake / Towada City, Aomori

    A mysterious lake and its seasonal transformations.

  • EJogakura Ohashi Bridge / Aomori City, Aomori

    Jogakura Ohashi Bridge is the largest deck arch bridge in Japan, with a length of 255 m! You can enjoy the majestic mountains surrounding the bridge and Jogakura Mountain Stream flowing below it.

  • FArtisanal Craftsmanship / Aomori

    “Tsugaru Lacquer” passed down from the Edo Era (1603-1868), ”Bunaco” handmade beechwood wares and “Kogin sashi” durable hemp weaving in myriad patters are all famous forms of traditional Aomori artisanal craftsmanship.

  • GAkita neburi nagashi (Kanto festival) museum / Akita City, Akita

    An center for local traditional culture and folklore-related events.