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4Hands-on Experience of Nature and Culture

A tour that enables hands-on experiences of the highlights of Tohoku, including both scenic beauty and traditional local culture.

EOirase Valley / Towada City, Aomori

Waterfalls of varying sizes are interwoven with deep woods along this valley. Early summer greenery and fall foliage are especially impressive here.

  • AShiogama Shrine / Shiogama City, Miyagi

    The representative shrine for all Shiogama Shrines throughout Japan, this is a famous power spot. The unique architecture has earned it an Important Cultural Property distinction.

  • BGeibi Valley River Boat Ride / Ichinoseki City, Iwate

    Enjoy cruising through an incredibly scenic gorge.

  • CMotsu-ji Temple / Hiraizumi Town, Iwate

    An exquisite temple built in the 850 AD, with a garden that conjures the Pure Land. A UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • DStrawberry and Grape Gardens / Hanamaki City, Iwate

    Tohoku has many sightseeing fruit gardens. You can eat the fruit you pick on the spot!

  • FTsugaru Neputa Museum / Hirosaki City, Aomori

    A place where you can wholly experience traditional local culture.

  • GMage-wappa (round lunch box made of thin wood) Craft Center / Odate City, Akita

    A workshop where you can experience the making of traditional crafts used in Japanese-style lunch boxes.

  • HAoyagi Samurai Manor Museum / Senboku City, Akita

    Residences historically owned by samurai families.