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4Hands-on Experience of Nature and Culture

A tour that enables hands-on experiences of the highlights of Tohoku, including both scenic beauty and traditional local culture.

HOirase Stream / Towada City, Aomori

Along the mountain stream for about 14 kilometers in an area covered with trees, there are numerous sights such as waterfalls and rocks and you can feel how beautiful the forms made by nature are and the power of nature.

  • AAizu Paint experience / Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima

    You can experience painting patterns on the traditional craft "Aizu lacquerware" that has layers of lacquer coating.

  • BTakahata Winery tour / Takahata Town, Yamagata

    The wine that is produced by the grace of nature in Takahata with its rich colors of the seasons.

  • CGinzan Onsen / Obanazawa City, Yamagata

    Western style wooden ryokan inns line both banks of the Ginzan River, a nostalgic hot spring town.

  • DYokote Kamakura Festival / Yokote City, Akita

    Rooms created by hollowing out snow (kamakura) can be seen every year in February as one attraction at the Tohoku Snow Festival.

  • EMage-wappa (round lunch box made of thin wood) Craft Center tour / Odate City, Akita

    The skill of the craftsmen to bend a single board and finish it beautifully is so impressive.

  • FExperience of picking apples / Hirosaki City, Aomori

    It is a sweet and fresh apple that is fostered in an area with intense temperature diff erences between cold and warm.

  • GRice Field Art / Inakadate Village, Aomori

    You can see the rice field art that uses different colors of rice to make huge pictures every year from the end of May to the beginning of October.