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2Natural Blessings in the Sanriku Coast Reviving from the Earthquake

A tour to visit a thriving fishing port and fishing villages on the Sanriku Coast, to enjoy abundant fresh seafood, and confirm the resilience of local people to restore their hometowns from the great earthquake and tsunami.

DKesennuma Port / Kesennuma City, Miyagi

Seasonal seafood and shellfish are unloaded here in the midst of non-stop hustle and bustle. Experience the taste of the freshest bounty of the sea, including the famed bonito harvest in early summer.

  • ASunrise at Matsushima / Matsushima Town, Miyagi

    One of Japan’s three most beautiful scenic locations, popular among many great historic figures.

  • BMinami-Sanriku Kirakira Don(Sashimi Rice-Bowl) / Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi

    Fabulous rice bowls filled with the bounty of the Sanriku Sea.

  • CMinami-sanriku San-san Shopping street / Minamisanriku Town, Miyagi

    Shopping district where many shops came together following the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Disaster recovery effort.

  • EChuson-ji Temple / Hiraizumi Town, Iwate

    Along with the national treasure Konjikido Golden Hall, many valued structures and Buddha statues can be seen here. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • FMoutsu-ji Temple / Hiraizumi Town, Iwate

    An exquisite temple built in the 850 AD, with a garden that conjures the Pure Land. A UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • GSanriku Railway / Iwate

    This local railway gained popularity after being used as a filming location for a popular TV drama. The Pacific Ocean view from the window of a moving train car is captivating.

  • HJodogahama Beach / Miyako City, Iwate

    Gorgeous shorelines made of white volcanic (rhyolite) stone.