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1Seasonal Highlights of the Tohoku Region

A course for thoroughly enjoying the Tohoku region, a treasure house of the scenic beauty in all four seasons, historic places, traditional culture, and local delicacies.

CZao Snow Monster / Yamagata City, Yamagata

The Snow Monster in Zao is a rare sight in the world. It grows like a big monster around February and covers the snowy fields. Please ride on the ropeway and thoroughly enjoy this art of the natural world.

  • ATsurugajo Castle /Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima

    In Aizu, besides the majestic Tsurugajo Castle, there are atmospheric streets with buildings, such as old private houses and mansions, and hot springs. It is recommended to take a stroll along the city skyline or around the historical sites.

  • BKozuyu / Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima

    Aizu's local cuisine, welcoming dishes made with scallop ligaments and cloud ear mushrooms.

  • DThe Mogami River in winter / Yamagata

    The settled snowfall and crystal-clear air are laid out like a scene from an ink painting.

  • EOirase Stream / Towada City, Aomori

    Trees and clear streams in tune with the seasonal changes.

  • FTono Furusato Village / Tono City, Iwate

    A time slip to idyllic rural life.

  • GChusonji Temple Konjikido (Golden Hall) / Hiraizumi Town, Iwate

    A temple covered in gilt that is a world heritage site.The mummies of 4 rulers of this area are laid to rest here.

  • HMatsushima / Matsushima Town, Miyagi

    Views of elegant natural beauty with the sea interwoven with small islands.