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Zuiganji Temple Access: 5-min walk from JR Matsushima-Kaigan Station Hours: 8am – 3:30pm (Jan. Dec.), 8am – 4pm (Feb. Nov.), 8am – 4:30pm (Mar. Oct.), 8am – 5pm (Apr. to Sep.) Admission: 700 yen (Adult and high school students), 400 yen (Middle and elementary school students)

Feudal Lord’s Treasure: Zuigan-ji Temple

Zuigan-ji Temple, designated as a Japanese National Treasure, was originally established in the year 828 by the noted Buddhist monk, Jikaku Daishi. Later, the famed feudal lord Date Masamune rebuilt it as his family temple in 1609. In order to replicate the robust, opulent Momoyama architectural style of the late 16th century, Masamune gathered 130 master craftsmen nationwide for the reconstruction. Today, Zuigan-ji stands as an idyllic reflection of Matsushima’s majestic natural beauty. With the main hall reopened to the public in 2016 - surrounded by dense, picturesque cedar trees on all sides - it houses a vast array of past treasures that nobody should miss!

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Feudal Lord’s Treasure: Zuigan-ji Temple 

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