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Historic Hirosaki

Winter Activities in Tsugaru Railway

Agricultural Wonder: Satoyama in Hirosaki

Hirosaki in Spring

Vintage Winter Rides

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Every winter, local operators run old-fashioned rides that bring Tohoku’s rich cultural heritage to life.

Enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere on a Stove Ttrain (Tsugaru Railway)

Equipped with two fully-fired potbelly stoves, each train car boasts a warm, cozy atmosphere where travelers can mingle freely while winding through the vast snowfields of the Tsugaru plain. Dried squid, a traditional snack from centuries ago, is cooked on top of the stoves and served comfortably warm. Be prepared in advance, though: The train operates only three roundtrip rides from December to March, so be sure to check the schedule.

Tourist information that covered in the articles

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